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History of Angkor Restaurant
The Angkor Restaurant was opened in January 2005 by Kheng Ly, after numerous artists and craftsmen from Thailand and Cambodia has been working on the handmade interior for over a year.

Kheng's biggest dream has always been someday to create a gourmet temple, which had never seen in Zurich in terms of interior design and culinary offerings.

Therefore, this is why the gilded relief of the temple Angkor-wat at the bar at the Entrance of Restaurant was forthfully and lavishly crafted according to this world-famous temple.

The idea was, that the guests should escape their daily routine for a few hours and feel like they were on vacation.

Kheng died suddenly and unexpectedly on a visit to his homeland in 2008. This meant, that from one day tu next day, I had to take all the responsibility for his business and the employees. Our three little daughters Céline, Yvonne and Gwyneth have given me the strength to carry on the work.
I hope that, to our esteemed guests will be able to enjoy unforgettable time in Angkor.

Susan Ly

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Angkor, Puls 5

As soon as you walk through the heavy, carved wooden doors you will feel as if you have entered another world. The first thing you will see is the bar, decorated to resemble one of the world’s most famous temple complexes – Angkor Wat.
No matter where you sit, on chairs or sofas, you will keep on discovering new details of this unique décor wherever you look. At the same time you will

embark on a culinary journey which takes you from India to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan.
A small treasure chamber is located in the centre of the restaurant and offers guests the option of enjoying a private evening with a few good friends. Alternatively, this lavishly decorated room can be used for a fun karaoke evening with all the latest equipment.

The Aquarium

Angkor, Puls 5

The Aquarium section of the restaurant is unique in Switzerland. It is separated from the other areas by a small stone bridge which guests must cross to reach the cosy, sunken seating area. Beautiful coloured koi carp will swim around you as ‘Absara’, the Thai temple dancer, smiles down at you from the wall.
The other side of the room is characterized by a sizzling, steaming atmosphere as our chefs dexterously prepare diners’ meals.

The flames which shoot up behind the glass pane every few minutes are clear proof that all dishes are freshly prepared from scratch.

This section of the restaurant is exclusively devoted to our two special menus. ‘Absara’ and ‘Angkor’ are symphonies composed of Asian delicacies. See the ‘Menu’ section for further details.

If you have something special to celebrate or would like to impress someone, then book a table in the Aquarium.


Angkor, Puls 5

Angkor, Puls 5

Treat yourself to a drink at the bar or in the comfortable lounge to get in the mood for dinner or before you hit the road. The raised area provides a view across the hustle and bustle of the restaurant.

On request we are also happy to serve food in the lounge, where our guests can enjoy their meal on the wonderfully comfortable sofas.

Angkor, Puls 5

Angkor, Puls 5

The patio and the «Giessereihalle»

Angkor, Puls 5

Angkor, Puls 5

Enjoy a drink or a small starter surrounded by tropical plants while you wait for your friends outside the restaurant in the imposing Giessereihalle, a former foundry building. Summer and weather permitting, we are also happy to reserve a table for you on our large patio, which offers a view across the wide, pedestrianized Turbinenplatz square. Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere while sitting on our comfortable chairs under colourful sunshades. Without doubt the best way to experience that holiday feeling while in Zürich.


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Angkor, Puls 5

Angkor, Puls 5

All the dishes included on the Angkor menu are also available to take away to eat at home; in the office or any other quiet location.

Just give us a quick phone call and our chefs will prepare the dishes of your choice.

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